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[DIA] – Analyses Management

[DIA] Analyses Management – is based on a powerful SQL database solution. Due to its modular structure and scalability, the software solution from Fink & Partner GmbH can be economically adapted to existing tasks. All data is securely and centrally stored in the database and can be accessed at any time. Organize laboratory analysis data with [DIA] Analyses Management.

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What is [DIA] analyses management?

[DIA] is a now-outdated version of our new software product [FP]-LIMS, a laboratory information management system that is able to store all data generated in the laboratory immediately in a central system and make it available for decentralized retrieval. Managing analyses – super easy with [DIA]. Many of our customers use our software products in quality management to manage data generated in the laboratory. Numerous functions allow you to manage laboratory data professionally and to react to any problems. You benefit from cost savings and increase your productivity. [DIA] relieves your employees by automating data management, so that they can concentrate on more important tasks than typing in values and covering distances for „data traffic“.

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[DIA] organizes all quality-relevant data in laboratories of quality assurance, production, research and development, and environmental analyses.

The laboratory area is largely relieved of routine work by the software from Fink & Partner.

Of fundamental importance here was the realization of the integration aspect, in that all sample-relevant data is stored in a central database.

[DIA]: Important modules at a glance

[DIA] is based on a powerful SQL database solution. Due to its modular structure and scalability, our software can be economically adapted to existing tasks and processes.

Analyses management

At the center of the [DIA] analyses management are the analyses data. They are the central hub in the program window. Large buttons allow easy and quick access to the most frequently needed functions of the software. Manage your analyses quickly and easily with the system.

Quality assurance data from production, research and development, and environmental analyses.

Quality can only be „managed“ if the required information is available in a timely manner and with economically justifiable effort.[DIA] provides all relevant data (measured values, analyses data, process data, environmental data, image information, etc.) in one place for obtaining information and processing it. Each module in the software system offers extensive functionalities based on a modular structure.

[DIA] Modules

Basic license
[DIA] Basic license for one user
Additional license
[DIA] Additional licenses for more than one concurrent user.
Inspection order module
Requires [DIA]. Additional module for inspection order management. Price independent of concurrent users.
Recipe module
Requires [DIA]. Additional module for recipe management. Price independent of concurrent users.
Interface (e.g. SAP)
Requires [DIA]. Additional interface to ERP system. Price independent of concurrent users.
Requires [DIA]. Additional module for workflow management. Price independent of concurrent users.
Requires [DIA]. Additional module for designing workflows to be used within the [DIA]– WF module. Price independent of concurrent users.


WHAT IS LIMS SOFTWARE? Download our lims guide!


Important functions of [DIA] analyses management at a glance:


[DIA] has powerful import and export functions with which many communication tasks can already be realized.

The structure of the import and export data is determined by the connected systems or their software. This means that no structural changes have to be made to the systems running productively.

data exchange dia excel export analyses management


The [DIA] web interface allows easy access to data via a web browser. The focus is on monitoring and reporting.


The SPC Monitor makes it possible to display the values of an SPC card online on a screen located directly in production, for example, and to update them as new analyses values are obtained.

This function provides fast feedback to the employees in production.

details analysis dia analyses management

Recipe Management

The effective and fast development of new formulations is a complex process and a business success factor. Electronic data processes and data management are the basis for realizing short times to market for products. The [DIA] module „Recipe and Laboratory Journal Management“ provides the economic basis for electronic support of the development processes, while being flexible at the same time.

Inspection orders

Orders that do not result from continuous production must be able to be executed with a configurable inspection plan. The [DIA] module Test Order supports the described process. For incoming orders, the software creates test orders to which predefined or individual test plans, methods, and devices are assigned. The corresponding barcode labels can be printed for the samples. After the analyses have been performed, the results are assigned to the test order manually or automatically. The responsible person can release the test orders, assign them for reprocessing and create certificates.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Why does my [DIA] analyses management no longer work?

[DIA] is software from Fink & Partner, which is no longer developed.  Errors and defective functions, e.g., due to new operating systems, are no longer patched. [DIA] has been replaced by [FP]-LIMS. Please contact us to check update possibilities and to get further information. We recommend our customers to replace our old software for data management with our new product in order to continue to enjoy all the benefits of a LIMS system from Fink & Partner. For more information about [FP]-LIMS, please visit our website.

My analyses no longer arrive in the [DIA]. What to do now?

First report this to your IT department, they should check if all [DIA] services are running and running correctly. If no solution to the problem is found even after a look at the log (Configuration -> Terminal Setup), contact our support until the end of 2022 (fp-lims.com). From 2023 the service for [DIA] will be discontinued.

Is there a new version of [DIA] analyses management? Which version do I have?

Indeed, there is a brand-new version, called [FP]-LIMS.  You can learn more about the modern successor of the [DIA] software on our website.

You can find your current version at the end of the following path:

Help -> Aboutinformation fink und partner header dia analyses management

Why is no printout created?

Due to the terminated further development of [DIA], it is quite possible that printers are not recognized, because they are either too new, or an interface is missing. In this case you should think about a possible upgrade to [FP]-LIMS.

Why does the login in the [DIA]Web not load the browser interface but the login window again?

Usually, the reason is the cache of the used browser. Clear the browser cache and restart the browser. If the problem persists, please contact our support. Updating the browser can also cause problems e.g. due to a lag of interfaces.

Why does [DIA]Web not load a login dialog?

If at startup only an image appears instead of a sequence of images showing the loading process, the components of [DIA]Web have not been loaded. Please contact your IT to solve the problem. In the [DIA]Web installation there is a folder „ext-4-2-1“ under „resources/lib“. If this folder is not present or does not contain any files, there is usually still an „ext-4-2-1.zip“ in the directory and can be unpacked. If the problem still exists, please contact support.

Why is the macro command type „Run batch“ not available?

If the type is not available, a database entry is missing. Please contact your IT to add the entry manually. The corresponding SQL statement is: „INSERT INTO [dia].[dia].PLAUSIBILITY VALUES (N’BATCH_TYP‘, N’EX‘, N’Execute batch‘, N’Execute batch‘)“ If you do not have the possibility to add entries manually to the database or the problem still exists, please contact support.

Why does the [DIA] icon in the taskbar/Windows bar disappear when I minimize the program?

This error occurs only with the operating system Windows XP, we advise switching to a newer, but not too new, operating system, so that our software works for you again. Or else you could switch to our new data management and quality management solution [FP]-LIMS.

What can a modern LIMS achieve?

A modern LIMS can make the processes in your company significantly more efficient, thereby permanently reducing time and costs. Take a look at the LIMS demo. In the video, the important functions of a modern LIMS are explained to you.

Are there free LIMS solutions? What are the best LIMS solutions?

We have summarized some free LIMS solutions for you.  >>Free LIMS solutions<<
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