[FP]-LIMS analyses management

Our powerful base module that gives you real-time insight into your production. Quality management made easy.

What is the [FP]-LIMS analysis management?

The powerful analysis management module is the heart of every [FP]-LIMS installation. It forms the base for professional, digital and successful quality management, in which it provides you with all sample and process information in a clearly structured manner and in real time so that you can make sound business and product decisions.

With [FP]-LIMS Analysis Management, you can automatically store all the data from all your measuring instruments in your central LIMS database via interfaces, along with the associated documents, papers and photos. Your employees can access this information decentrally and simultaneously at your workstations whenever they need it.

Cryptic Excel tables are a thing of the past

The user-friendly and freely configurable interface of the [FP]-LIMS analysis management enables you to quickly identify trends and patterns and to initiate countermeasures if necessary. Speed buttons allow quick access to frequently used output functions and dialogs. Expand the analysis management at any time with our powerful modules.

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Unbeatable price-performance ratio

Expandable at any time

Peter Niemann Fink & Partner FP-LIMS analyses management

Peter Niemann

CTO & Co-founder,
Fink & Partner

„Professional data management will not only be a competitive advantage in the age of Industry 4.0, but the foundation for the success of an entire company.“


The most important functions at a glance

[FP]-LIMS analyses management work efficient

Work more efficiently

Make logbooks, Excel lists and filing cabinets obsolete, with [FP]-LIMS analysis management you have everything you need in one place – centralized and easy to use. Some of our customers have been able to reduce their documentation volume by 80%.

Real-time collaboration

The [FP]-LIMS Analysis Management stores all laboratory-relevant data in a central database that can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users. This makes collaboration between employees, departments or even sites easy and efficient, and in real time. 

[FP]-LIMS analyses management collaboration
[FP]-LIMS analyses management trends and patterns

Trends & patterns

Detect trends and patterns immediately with [FP]-LIMS analysis management and react to quality anomalies before costly material losses occur. Analyses can be easily edited and the analysis evaluations and all developments can be visualized with just a few clicks.

Easy data tracking

With our audit trail, you can trace back all processes and, in the event of a quality deviation, quickly investigate the cause. To prevent unwanted changes, you can define access rights and rights groups in the [FP]-LIMS analysis management. Thanks to modern blockchain technology, your data is also safe from external threats at all times.

[FP]-LIMS analyses management data tracabilitly

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